Project Brief

The project
This municipal theatre opened in 1996 and is one of the theatre designs by the internationally known Dutch architect Herman Herzberger. The theatre auditorium seats 685 people and has a large fly tower fully equipped technical stage installations. In 2012 the enlargement with a multipurpose events hall (by the same architect) offers a widened range of different uses, which now include pop concerts, festivities etc. In agreement with the Program of Requirements the main auditorium is designed with a typical theatre acoustic for drama and amplified sound (musical shows, conferences etc.): Reverberation Time (RT) 0.9 second.

Our work
For unamplified music (opera, classical ballet, chamber music, symphony orchestra, choir) an electronic acoustic architecture system was prescribed, although the budget for it became available a year after the opening (1997). Its installation was an immediate success, both among audiences, artists and the theatre’s management. In 2005 the SIAP Mk III processor was upgraded to the newly developed Mk IV and 14 years later (2018) the system was upgraded to the Mk V.

The result
The Mk V processor offers the best possible acoustic for each type of performance as well as the latest professional audio technology such as the MADI and/or Dante in/output protocol for integration of the SIAP system in the (FOH) PA system. One of its advantages is the use of SIAP’s (high-end) ambience as well as surround sound facilities for amplified bands, theatre shows etc.

Project Details


Venue Build


SIAP Inauguaration
1997, 2005, 2018

SIAP processor

Natural RT
0,9 second



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