Project Brief

The project
This project includes a convention and exhibition centre, cultural square, apartments, a luxury shopping mall, an office building, and a very luxurious theatre / auditorium, based on the design of the Dolby theatre in Hollywood. The hall has a capacity of 2,000 seats and is used for a wide range of performances, both western/international and Indian: live performances (theatre), amplified and unamplified concerts, cinema, and congress purposes.

There are more than 200 loudspeakers used in this theatre from which SIAP incorporated 180 loudspeakers for the hall and the electronic orchestra shell onstage. Most audio equipment runs through Dante which makes the use of all the systems very flexible and versatile. Through selecting presets the hall can change from SIAP (Variable Acoustics and fill-in) to Dolby Atmos / movie which largely use the same loudspeakers. Very efficient and sustainable.

The SIAP microphones in the auditorium are suspended from automated electronic cable reelers, which deploy them to the correct height positions when the SIAP system is in operation. When not in use, they are retracted to storage positions above the suspended auditorium ceiling petals. This way there are no microphones in sight and / or projection lines during film performances. To achieve all this, the SIAP team worked extensively together with Reliance, D&B Audiotechnik and the SweeLee team.

The natural acoustics of the venue were designed for movie and amplified shows, and therefore by default the Reverberation Time (RT) shows 0.7 second after measurement. However, this is to dry for unamplified drama, and each type of unamplified live music performances. Also an amplified concert (band) would benefit from a little more ambience.

Our work
SIAP has deployd the latest Mark V-64 / Dante processor which, together with the Dolby Atmos system, gives the room with all possible acoustic wishes that are conceivable. The design comprises almost 160 loudspeakers and all microphones will be brought to the correct positions via automated electronic cable reelers, depending on the usage situation. This way there are no microphones in sight and / or projection lines during film performances.

The result
A versatile beautiful performing art center that is acoustically adjustable to all types of performances by simple selection of the appropriate presets. All the loudspeakers are driven by Dante amplifiers and via the Dante network one can easily switch between Dolby Atmos (movie) and SIAP (variable acoustics)  which makes life easy for anyone assisting the performance on that moment.  By using the same amplifiers and loudspeaker for each type of performance, this is a very lean, practical and sustainable solution. The RT can be selected between 1,3 and 5.0 seconds in a number of steps (13) based on the just noticeable difference of about 10% between presets. This range includes presets for ambiance with PA, piano (Jazz/Pop),  Chamber Music, medium or large Orchestra, Vocal group and Choir. Special presets are made for Indian Fusion / Folk and Classical music.

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Project Details


Venue Build


SIAP Inauguaration

SIAP processor

Natural RT
1,3 second



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