Project Brief

The project
In 2015 a newly built multipurpose concert hall was inaugurated by the municipality of Palanga, a town well-known for its beautiful Baltic Sea beach that attracts many tourists and holiday makers. The building replaces the successful outdoor venue with an all-weather facility. The seating capacity is 2,500 in an amphitheatre layout, without the need of a balcony to keep the spectator-to-performer distance with acceptable limits. The seating layout resembles a vineyard-type hall, which is a generally well-accepted layout for the acoustics. The multipurpose programming ranges from amplified theatre shows, pop concerts etc. to opera, classical ballet, brass band and symphony orchestras etc. Therefore the natural acoustic of this hall is designed with a short Reverberation Time (RT) of about 1.2 second, the optimum value for sound reinforcement is a space of this size (ca. 12,000 m3)..For the same reason the hall has a wide fan shape to promote a strong direct sound from the stage and the PA system, without being affected by early – particularly – lateral reflections. From the beginning of the design process it was therefore clear that for non-sound-reinforced usage an advanced electronic architecture system would have to be implemented.

Our work
SIAP Acoustics was asked to design an electronic acoustic architecture system that creates optimum acoustics for the wide range of the venue’s programming, and without having to compromise the dry natural acoustic that works so well for reinforced sound. Furthermore a surplus value of the system had to be simultaneous use of both installations in combination with each other to offer the audience and artists alike the best possible experience and ambience.

The result
The RT can be selected between 1.2 and 5.0 seconds in a number of steps (10) based on the just noticeable difference of about 10% between presets. This range includes presets for drama, piano, small, medium or large orchestra, vocal group and choir as well a convincing 5.0 second very reverberant cathedral acoustic. All kinds of concerts and TV recordings had been taken place since the inauguration.

Project Details

Municipal Palanga

Venue Build


SIAP Inauguaration

SIAP processor

Natural RT
1,2 second



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