Acoustic enhancement & immersive sound

Which applications?  For who?

SIAP is intended for theatres, concert halls, culture houses, music schools, conservatories, auditoria, places of worship (churches, mosques, synagogues etc), arenas, stadiums, restaurants, outdoor venues, sports halls, leisure venues, rehearsal rooms, artist’s (home) studios, conference halls, museums, jazz clubs.

In short, the scope of SIAP is virtually limitless. This way SIAP transforms any single purpose hall into a multifunctional venue or room that becomes optimal for any kind of performance with unamplified as well as amplified sound. Besides variable acoustics (from theatre ambiance to large church acoustics) the SIAP system can also be used to create ambiance and atmospheric enhancement (i.e. immersive sound), or in combination with the reinforcement system for a more comprehensive sound experience, for example in a pop/rock concert a musical or to support a movie with surround effects (5.1 / 7.1 /9.1). And all this in a natural way, without artificial processes.

SIAP welcomes you in the electronic acoustic architectural world of the 21st century!

How does it work?

A small tour

Suitable For Unamplified Music.

Add the natural early and late reflections to the direct sound to give the audience and the musicians the joyfull experience the way it should.

Suitable For Amplified Music.

Add the proper ambiance to the room to give it a more lively feel, or combine the FoH installation with the SIAP system for optimum results.  

Suitable For 3D Surround.

Create a surround matrix with multi in and outputs. Create a configuration for a show or musical and save it. Incorporate SIAP in an existing environment with surround.